Barefoot Hideaways LLC
Vacation Rentals on the Garden Isle of Kauai

Tropical Hideaways
2 bdrm / 2 bath home / 750 sq ft
Kauai License # TV5153
24 Hour Contact: (808) 635-6500


The Hawaiian island of Kauai is known as 'The Garden Isle' for its beauty and relaxed style of living.    Kauai is the least developed of the major Hawaiian islands, offering the opportunity for a wonderful vacation as well as the possibility of a unique investment.

To learn more, the Tropical Hideaways home in the North or the Coconut Coast condominium in the East, please click on the island picture.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay on the Garden Isle.

Coconut Coast
2 bdrm / 1/5 bath condo / 650 sq ft
Kauai License # TV1606
24 Hour Contact: (808) 635-6500

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