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Making a Reservation


There are TWO ways to make a reservation


THE FIRST WAY, is to book it using the VRBO (HomeAway) booking process. 


This is done from their website listing (   There are various fees, conditions and services which you can read about at VRBO.   


VRBO was originally a listing site - we paid an annual fee and created a listing on their website.  As they became more popular, they required higher owner fees for a higher  position in the search results and took other actions to make it more costly for us to list there.  Finally, they created a process for the renter to book directly through VRBO and penalized the owners with a bottom listing position if they did not agree to accept booking through VRBO.  For that service, they effectively increase the cost of rental by upwards of 10%.  


THE SECOND WAY is book it directly with the owner: 


The process is to "contact the owner" on the listing page.  We will then check on availability, review for additional discounts that may be available and confirm to you the total cost of renting.  If you decide to rent:

1) You send us a note ( ) telling us to make the reservation and you confirm your arrival and departure dates.  

We will then block those dates on our calendar and then customize and send you a rental agreement.  

2) You review and sign the RENTAL AGREEMENT

We use Docusign, a common service used in Real Estate for electronic documents.   Docusign will send you access to the agreement, you complete the information requested online, and then Docusign notifies us the agreement has been completed.  We then create and send you an invoice for the initial rental payment (we use PayPal as our commercial bank).


The rental agreement is very important as it allows you to better understand the rental and the island prior to making your initial payment.  Also, you can cancel any time prior to the 60 day point and receive a full refund. The initial rental payment is $400. The security deposit is also $400 and is paid as part of the final payment.  All details are in the rental agreement.

3) You make the INITIAL PAYMENT by following the instructions on the invoice.

You use any credit or debit card that PayPal accepts or use your own PayPal account.  However, you do not have to have a PayPal account to make payment.  The initial payment will also include a $20 booking fee which covers administrative costs associated with taking and returning credit card payments.


If you decide to cancel and give us early notification (that's 60 days or more before your arrival) we will return your initial payment in full.    

4) 60 days prior to arrival, You make your FINAL RENTAL & SECURITY DEPOSIT PAYMENT

We will send you an invoice a week prior to the 60 day mark, so you can make that payment.  


If you decide to cancel after the 60 day mark, we will attempt to re-rent the time and return your payments if successful.   The earlier the cancellation, the more likely we can re-rent the time.  

5) Once we receive payment, we send you directions to find and enter the property.


6) Within a week of departure, your security deposit will be returned to you


Secured WiFi internet access is provided at no additional cost and the parking is free.  For your protection, this vacation rental is registered with the County of Kauai, registration #TV1606 and we keep our State of Hawaii tax payments current.  Also, we use electronic door locks so that there are no keys, just a number to remember. 

You're going to love Kauai!   



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